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Merchandise Description

Item overview:

Planetary gearheads characteristic really higher energy transmission with a extremely limited layout. The modular design and the scaled levels give the foundation for a buyer-distinct answer. Metal elements make use in a extensive range of applications feasible.At the same time they have a really compact kind, minimal fat, and exceptional efficiency. Self-centering earth gears guarantee a symmetrical power distribution. The ring equipment also forms the housing of the gearbox. The gearbox output shaft is supported in 2 ball bearings so that it can face up to higher axial and radial loads. The gearboxes are customized, e.g. for use in specially reduced ambient temperatures, or as substantial-power gearboxes with strengthened output shafts, or with specific lubricants for really prolonged support daily life.

Typical purposes:

  1. ATM in financial institution,Robot,Door-lock,Auto shutter, USB enthusiast,Slot equipment,Income detector, Coin refund gadgets
  2. Forex depend equipment, Towel dispensers, Automatic doors,Peritoneal machine
  3. Automated Television rack, Place of work equipemt ,Home appliances,Automated, healthcare screwdriver, robotic arms
  4. Lab stirrer, Cosmetology instrument, Health care products, Hairdressing equipment,Cameras,Well being-care content articles
General & Standard information/
NO. Description/ Value/
1 Outer diameter/ Φ26mm
two Type of Gearbox/ Planetary/
three Housing substance/ Metal/
four Type of tooth/ Straight/
5 Teeth content/* Steel/*
six Output shaft substance/ Stainless Metal/
seven Bearing at output/ Ball Bearing/
8 No-load backlash/ ≤2°
nine Number of levels availability/ 1,2,3,four
10 Axial enjoy/ ≤0.1 mm
eleven Radial play/(8mm from flange/10mm) ≤0.03 mm
12 Dynamic Max. axial load/ ≤25N
13 Max. force for press matches/ ≤50N
14 Max. radial drive/(8mm from flange/10mm) ≤70N
fifteen Operating temperature range/ -40°C to +120°C
16 Operating relative humidity/ 20%RH to ninety%RH
* Generally the 1st stage gears to motor created by plastic in order to decreasing sound if phase quantity more than 1.
* 1,.
Technical Information/
NO. Description/ Value/
17 Number of equipment stages/ one 2 3 four
18 Reduction ratio/ 3.7:1
The ratio can be 1 of mixtures of 3  ratios
19 Max. steady enter pace/ 8,000rpm 10,000rpm fifteen,000rpm fifteen,000rpm
20 Max. intermittent input speed/ ten,000rpm fifteen,000rpm 20,000rpm twenty,000rpm
21 Max. ongoing torque/ 500mNm 750mNm two,000mNm two,500mNm
22 Max. intermittent torque/ 750mNm 1,100mNm three,000mNm 3,750mNm
23 Direction(from the driver to output) /() Very same Very same Exact same Same
24 Max. efficiency/ 90% 81% 73% sixty five%
twenty five Weight CZPT motor/(g) 50 62 75 89
26 L2[mm]=Duration CZPT motor/ 21.5 30.5 39.5 forty eight.five
27 L1[mm]=Size with motor/ The whole size of equipment motor relies upon on the motor specified.
Reduction ratio Motor pinion specifications/
Substance Quantity of tooth Duration Gap diameter
5.2:1 / 19.2:1 / 22:1 / 27:1 / 99:1 / one hundred fifteen:1 / 139:1 / 721:one Steel/


z=eleven L=five Pict

4.3:1 / 16:1 / 18.3 / seventy nine:1 / 218:1 / 337:1 z=fourteen L=five
3.7:1 / thirteen.7:1 / 51:1 / 189:1  z=seventeen L=five


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Gearboxes go by many diverse names, like equipment drives, pace reducers, equipment reducers, pace reducers, and equipment motors. All conditions are used interchangeably when referring to inline equipment reducers. Our stock consists of a extensive assortment of equipment reducers for large speed, large precision programs with input speeds up to 4000 RPM.
Gear reducers, also known as reducers, occur in many transmission types and are designed to multiply torque and lessen input velocity to a sought after output pace. The principal benefit of inline gearboxes is their potential to preserve control in programs involving higher rotational speeds. Their performance and capability to provide high enter speeds with minimum backlash make inline reducer gearboxes excellent for a wide assortment of movement management apps

China Custom 26mm Metal Cutted High Precious Low Noise Planetary Gearbox     near me shop