China factory 15HP Small Marine Gearbox with Hot selling

Item Description

    Sort 06, Type sixteen, and Sort thirty marine gearboxes are mechanically operated tiny maritime power units with straightforward framework, straightforward disassembly and assembly, and convenient servicing. They have the features of reversing, clutching and deceleration.
      06 sort maritime gearbox is ideal for 1105, 195, 190, 285 and Japanese TS50, 50C, 60C…105C and other marine diesel engines. The 16A maritime gearbox is suitable for matching with 2105, 2100, 395, 295, 485 and other marine gearboxes. They can also be matched with other diesel engines with equivalent torque to sort a maritime electrical power device for use by small ships these kinds of as inland rivers, coastal locations, and massive ships, such as transportation boats and lifeboats.

Equipment reducers, also known as reducers, occur in numerous transmission styles and are made to multiply torque and lessen input velocity to a sought after output speed. The main benefit of inline gearboxes is their potential to preserve handle in apps involving substantial rotational speeds. Their efficiency and capability to give high input speeds with minimum backlash make inline reducer gearboxes best for a extensive range of motion handle apps
Beneath is a listing of our presently available industrial gearboxes. If you can not find what you are searching for, make sure you make contact with the factory for more choices. At EP, we are constantly creating new items and retrofitting old ones to fulfill buyer requirements.

China factory 15HP Small Marine Gearbox     with Hot selling