China Standard Used Gearbox Hw10 Series Gear Box 19710 for Dump Truck near me factory

Solution Description

Principal situation and double auxiliary shaft structure planetary equipment reduction construction in sub case with sturdy loading capability and reputable framework
Mix of compulsory lubrication and gear flash lubrication provides sufficient lubrication and suits for all sorts of road conditions
Built-in speed altering style: distinct speeds marked and easy management
ØDiversified procedure modes and can be managed by solitary shaft, double shafts or immediately
ØCompact framework and light-weight bodyweight
Electricity taking off can be understood on CZPT place of primary circumstance.

HW50, HW70 and HW80Q electricity get off can be selectedFull aluminum circumstance transmission and retarder can be selected

 It is relevant to the road car and design truck.

Design Rated Enter Torque(Nm) Bodyweight(kg) Fuel Quantity(L) Complete Length(mm) Aluminum Circumstance is Optional
HW15710 1500 342 12 843 Sure
HW15710C 1650 342 12 843 Indeed
HW19710 1900 355 twelve 843 Sure
HW19710C 2100 355 twelve 843 Indeed
HW23710 2300 359 12 859  
HW23710C 2500 359 12 859  

Ratio of every single Velocity

Transmission Model Velocity Ratio for Gears
one two three 4 five six seven 8 9 ten R1 R2
HW15710 fourteen.28 ten.62 seven.87 five.88 4.38 three.27 two.forty three one.eight 1.34 one thirteen.91 three.eighteen
HW15710C 10.seventy three seven.98 five.ninety one 4.38 three.29 2.45 one.eighty two 1.35 1 .75 10.45 2.39
HW19710 fourteen.28 10.sixty two seven.87 five.88 4.38 3.27 two.forty three 1.8 one.34 1 13.91 3.eighteen
HW19710C ten.73 seven.ninety eight 5.91 4.38 three.29 two.45 one.82 1.35 1 .75 ten.forty five 2.39
HW23710 14.28 ten.62 seven.87 5.88 four.38 3.27 2.forty three 1.eight 1.34 1 thirteen.ninety one three.18
HW23710C ten.seventy three seven.ninety eight 5.91 four.38 three.29 2.forty five 1.82 one.35 1 .seventy five 10.45 two.39

Type and Parameters of CZPT Power Take Off

Product Output Route (With Engine) Ratio Rated Output Torque (Nm) Output Format Output Ratio of Route Velocity Output Ratio of Overspeed
HW50 Exact same .74 500 Flange .86 .64
HW50-05 Identical .seventy four 500 Spline .86 .sixty four
HW50-06 Very same .72 500 Flange .84 .sixty two
HW70 Same .76 seven hundred Flange .88 .66
HW70-05 Very same .76 700 Spline .88 .sixty six
HW80Q Very same .61 800 Flange .sixty one

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The expression “gearbox” is utilised to refer to any unit that connects a motor to a equipment and consists of a series of gears, also recognized as a equipment set. It gets the principal enter speed from the motor and alterations it to a different output velocity making use of its gears. Diverse sorts and combos of gears serve specific purposes. The sorts of gears identified in gearboxes consist of spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The efficiency efficiency of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the velocity of the input source to the speed of the output source
Gearboxes are mechanical units that support push techniques keep the best possible speed and torque for programs. Also recognized as gearboxes and equipment drives, they reduce the rotational pace of the input shaft by a specified share and increase the electrical power sent to the output shaft by the exact same percentage. Ratio multipliers improve the deceleration and torque presented by the reducer by a particular ratio and are appropriate for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are add-ons employed with the reducer. They are typically employed in programs the place the reducer is not straight linked to the push system.

China Standard Used Gearbox Hw10 Series Gear Box 19710 for Dump Truck     near me factory