China wholesaler China Hot Sales Svh3 Dual Axis Slewing Drive Gearbox for Solar Tracker and Satellite Receiver with high quality

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Coresun Drive dual axis SVH3 with 24VDC motor,12VDC motor,220VAC, 380VAC motor and Encoder for photo voltaic tracker and satellite receiver.



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Worm gear slewing drive and worm composition is frequently used to transfer motion and power among 2 staggered shafts.Worm gear and worm in the center plane is equal to gear and rack, worm and screw shape is related.

Mechanism Characteristics:

1. Massive transmission ratio can be acquired, which is much more compact than the staggered helical equipment mechanism.

2. The meshing surfaces of the 2 wheels are in line get in touch with, and the bearing ability is a lot larger than that of the staggered shaft helical gear system.

3. Worm push is equivalent to spiral push, multi-tooth meshing generate, so the generate is secure and has small sounds.

4. Self-locking.When the major Angle of the worm is significantly less than the equal friction Angle between the meshing gears, the system has self-locking property, and can recognize reverse self-locking, that is, only the worm drives the worm, but not by the worm wheel drives the worm.This sort of as in the lifting of the use of self-locking worm mechanism, its reverse self-locking can perform a role in basic safety defense.

SVH3 twin axis slewing push gearmotor is accessible to load fifty-200kg weight:

For 4-6pcs photo voltaic panels tracking layout

For 1-2.5 Dia. satellite receiver and solar dish program

Generation Photograph and Application:

SVH3 slewing generate with 24VDC motor is certificated by CE:

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China wholesaler China Hot Sales Svh3 Dual Axis Slewing Drive Gearbox for Solar Tracker and Satellite Receiver     with high quality