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EPG will always adhere to it business spirit of becoming useful, progressive, productive and superb to make the top intercontinental transmission travel. Our merchandise selection includes all sorts of helical gear, spur equipment, bevel gear, equipment rack, worm gear, sprockets,chains, bearings. Moreover, all our production methods are in compliance with ISO9002 expectations.

Complete metal drum creation line

I. Raw materials intake/production capacity

Plate thickness (mm) Finihed drums (pcs/T) Generation capability (kg/laptop)
one.2 41 21.5
one.0B Up and bottom handles one.two 47 19
Drum physique one.
1. 50 eighteen
.9B Up and bottom covers one. fifty four sixteen.8
Drum entire body .nine
.9 fifty six 16.2
.8 ninety seven 10.28

II. Full metal drum production faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ties

A. Front EPTT equipment
one. Decolier
two. EPTT Up-coiling device
three. EPTT supporter
4. Aspect deviation rectifying unit
5. Sizing amp flattening EPTT
six. Slicing EPTT – for drum entire body
seven. Slicing EPTT – for squander sheet
eight. Arch condition XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. unit
nine. Stacking car
10. EPTT program
11. Electric management program
12. Leading amp Bottom protect conveyor system

one.EPTT Up-Coiling Gadget

a) Up-Coiling Assist System is for storing metal coil and facillitate EPTT Feed Trolley for delivering materials.

b) EPTT Feed Trolley is employed for have steel coil.. It is operated with EPTT system to push cylinEPTTfor

reciprocating linear movement and EPTT box to deliver metal coil in pXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.lel to the cEPTTr of uncoiling unit so as to

assure the fiXiHu (West Lake)

2.Decoiler amp EPTT Supporter

a)Uncoiling width: 916-1320mm

b)Plate thickness: .six-1.2mm


d)Uncoiler ability: 10t

e)Within diameter: cent470-520mm, Outdoors diameter: le cent1200

f)EPTT size: 3900x1500x1940(mm), Overall bodyweight: 5T

3.Sizing ampFlattening EPTT
Limited introduction:seven rollers functioning,servo automated sizing,worm and EPTT adjust the leveled plate thickness.

Perform:The clearances of up and down rollers can be altered by the upper hand-wheel even though determine can be revealed by dial indicator. The procedure linear speed is modified action-less. It can be managed by the signal of mid-bridge for substantial and reduced velocity adjust.

Major technics:

a)Plate width: 916-1320(mm)

b)Plate thickness:.six-one.2(mm)

four. Chopping EPTT
Operate: Reduce the leveled steel plate into drum human body.

Principal technics:

a)Plate width: le1500mm

b)Plate thickness: le3mm


d)Cutting ability: le20 moments/min

e)EPTT dimensions:1800x950x1500(mm),Total fat: 3T

five.EPTT Station

Function:Give oil for the oil cylinEPTTof decoiler, lifting system,uncoiling supporter,and overturn EPTT to make positive stably functioning.

Main technics:


b)EPTT dimension:800x800x1500(mm),Overall weight: .5T

six.Electric Manage Technique
Function: Handle the decoiler,flattening EPTT and other front EPTT equipments doing work.

B. EPTT gear
one. Prime amp Bottom include mould
two. EPTT locking mould
three. 63T urgent EPTT
4. 160T urgent EPTT
five. Pre-coiling amp Gluing EPTT

1. Top amp Base protect mould

Limited introduction:Equipped with two sets of 160T urgent EPTTs

Perform: Punching the base include

Main technics:

a)EPTT EPTT:eighteen.5KW

b)Operating capability:five-26 pcs/min

c)EPTT measurement:2185x1420x3070(mm),Total fat: fourteen.5T

2.Drum Injection Mould

Short introduction: Equipped with one established of 63T urgent EPTT

EPTT punching mould: punch oil filler and breathable mouth of the base cover.

EPTT dimensions: 710x480x300(mm)

Complete excess weight: .5T

EPTT locking mould: lock oil filler and breathable mouth of the base include.

EPTT measurement: 710x480x300(mm)

Total weight: .5T

Major technics:


b)EPTT size :1800x1232x2550(mm)

c)Whole bodyweight: five.5T

3.Pre-Coiling amp Gluing EPTT

Limited introduction: Pre-coiling EPTT for the bottom include, cylinEPTTpush the cam to work, automatic glue- spaying technique.It has advantages of basic safety,stablity, smooth edging.

Principal technics:

a)EPTT measurement:1600x1400x1350(mm)

b)Complete excess weight: 4.5T

C. Middle EPTT products

1. Stacking desk
2. Circle-rolling EPTT
3. Seam welding EPTT
4. Edging amp Beading EPTT
five. Corrugation (W Rib) EPTT
six. Edge-curling EPTT
seven. Convey unit
eight. Electric powered management system
nine. Leakage checking EPTT

one.Circle-rolling EPTT

Quick introduction:3 rollers doing work.

Main technics:

a)Rolled plated width: le1100mm

b)Plate thickness:.six-one.2(mm)

c)Circle diameter: le570mm


e)EPTT dimensions:2200x750x1300(mm),Total excess weight: 1.5T

two.Seaming EPTT(BH-150-5Z)

Quick instruction:This automated seaming EPTT dismisses the location welding process,it is our newly deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed drum seaming EPTT.All of elements adopts domestic superior uncooked materials,cupreous welding rollers.

Major technics:

a)Welding EPTT potential:150KVA

b)Driving sort: pneumatic

c)Current: alternating existing

d)Frequency range: EPTT

e)Working theory : contravariant

three.Edging ampBeading EPTT

Short introduction:controlled by PLC,EPTT EPTT

Major technics:

a)Beading top: le14mm

b)Drum height:894-905(mm)

c)EPTT technique stress:8Mpa

d)Air stress:.1Mpa

e)EPTT dimension:3700x700x1600(mm),Overall excess weight: 5T

EPTT Station:

Principal technics:

a) EPTT dimensions: 1800x860x1700 (mm)

b) Overall fat: 1T


4.Corrugation (W rib) EPTT

Limited introduction:managed by PLC,EPTT EPTT

Primary technics:

a)Corrugating height: le3mm

b)W rib top: le9mm

c)Drum peak:884-895(mm)

d)W rib space:280mm


f)EPTT measurement:4500x650x2100(mm),Complete excess weight: 7T

EPTT station:

a)EPTT size:1800x860x1700(mm)

b)Complete excess weight: 1T


five.Edge-Curling EPTT

Brief introduction:controlled by PLC,EPTT EPTT,seven layers edge curling.

Main technics:

a)Drum height:886-897(mm)


c)EPTT measurement:4800x1300x2200(mm),Complete fat: 13T

EPTT station:

a)EPTT size:1800x860x1700(mm)

b)Overall fat: 1T

c)EPTT EPTT: seven.5KW

six. Leakage Checking EPTT

Brief introduction:Manual/automated control,pneuma lock.

Major technics:

a)Examining drum diameter:560-570(mm)

b)Drum height:886-897(mm)


d) EPTT dimension:2530x700x1100(mm),Complete excess weight: 2T

7.Multi-EPTT Express Unit

Quick introduction:Express the drum physique to be edged,beaded,Corrugated W rib reinforced and sealed base include with PLC controlling.

Principal technics:


b) EPTT measurement:11000x2100x1000(mm)

c) Whole weight: 3T

D. Rear EPTT gear
1. Entrance EPTT trans-line
2. Degreasing amp Phosphorization space
three. Washing amp Drying room
four. Overturn products
5. Portray place
six. Entrance drum-separation EPTT
seven. Drying room right after painting
eight. Bck drum separation EPTT
9. Air cooling method
ten. Rear EPTT trans-line
eleven. Electric handle method

1. Degreasing amp Phosphorization Room

Limited introduction: This component is employed to transportation the drums,managed by PLC, adopts spraying gadget to computerized clear the coil, phosphorize and washing the grease on the drums. The conveyor unit adopts superior metal, inwalls are made of 1mm metal plate.

Main technics:

a)EPTT measurement:36000x2110x2060(mm)

b)Overall excess weight: 30T

2. Washing amp Drying Space

Brief introduction:Drying the water on the area of the drum, managed by PLC.The EPTT EPTT adopts gasoline heating gadgets.Admirer is mounted on the best of the space, so that scorching and biking wind can be developed to pace up the drying.

Principal technics:


b) EPTT dimension:20000x1920x3600(mm)

c) Complete bodyweight: 25T

three.Painting Room(double shades)

Function: The conveyor device is controlled by PLC, rotating desk make the drums closely, portray system paint the drums in amp exterior with the spray gun. A single coloration or numerous can be different. Manner of water-curtain spraying dispels spraying smoke.Nozzle adopts EPTTson Model, Portray equipment is created of Chang EPTTng.

Major technics:


b) EPTT measurement: 7400x4990x3600(mm)

c) Whole fat: 15T

four.Entrance Drum Distributor

Operate: Transportation the drums to the conveyor line of outside the house painting ampstiffening place, the cylinEPTTis managed by PLC.

Major technics:


b) EPTT dimensions: 1500x1050x800(mm)

c) Total excess weight: 1T

five.Drying Line following Painting

Operate: The conveyor system is controlled by PLC, adopts gasoline heating inwall of the space is equipped with heating tubes. Fan is mounted on the leading of the space, so that dry the paint.

Principal technics:


b) EPTT measurement: 36000x2100x4300(mm)

c) Total bodyweight: 30T

6.Down-drum Roller Trans-line

Function: The unit transports the dried drums to the ground.

Main technics:

a) EPTT EPTT: one.5KW

b) EPTT size:2000x900x800(mm)

c) Complete fat: .3T

seven.Overturn EPTT

Purpose: Alter the point out of drums from horizontal to vertical, so that it will be considerably less difficult to paint, managed by Cylinder.

Principal technics:

a) EPTT dimension: 1400x690x850(mm)

b) Overall excess weight: .5T

  in Jamnagar India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Quality Steel Drum Manufacturing Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Jamnagar India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Quality Steel Drum Manufacturing Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler